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18                                   TJFK   OK
family of the president Vou Daehoroden, with whose
beautiful and intelligent daughter "ho betrothed him-
Bolf, and partly in Wolmar, where ho made the
acquaintance of Sclxiller through that family, and in
consequence of his betrothal .soon became bin friend,
It is possible) that Alexander's preference lor a. quiet
spiritual intoreoum) with nature., whoao Hoerotw at
tracte<t him, may have beau partly eauned by physical
I'eafeso'nw, which made him loss qualified for tin) cureloH
of wocdcty3 which his brotlu^r frequented. JIo was still
'delicate,, and had suffered much, during Iho lanl; tivo
years, and the fear of "being hindered by physical
weakness from pursuing the great plans of his mind,
indiux^I. him to satisfy all the physical demands of his
nature, and tin is prepare himself slowly for his great
'(/ravelling plans which bad inspired the imagination
of the boy, and which bad boon, matured, through
ITorstor's influouco, to hiw favourite*, idea atui the pur-
pOBi^ of bin life*
.But the practical course wh?,ch he had chosen an bin
special department, had to be folio wet I as consistently
an his elder brother followed, his. The latter wan ap-
pointed councillor of legation and assessor to the court
of Berlin, to make a trial of his capability, after which,
he in bended to marry. .Alexander, who had chosen tin*
ciopartinentof liuunces, "wished now to prepare himself
for a speedy entrance upon official life. Thetniueral-
ogical BtiuiioB, which hitd delighUitl him men* and
nior(\ andwhieb bad bocomo auon> attractive HIIUH^ his
journey with ForHtor-, excited in 'him, the wish to make
the mining department the special husiiu^HH of his lile
and of usefuluess to the state. He therefore, itt the
same yoar? wont to 'Hamburg to the commureiat
academy, under the direction of 'Kbeling and HuB<;h
whore ho Htutlied the pracjtical ]>art of lurnkknoprnj^
but occupied hhaweif with mineralogy and botany
besides. It is related,, that in the winter of 1790-01,
lie often wont out to seek mosses^ which only
gTow in winter. HIB frame of mind here wan *t
of the rotxirn of hiw phynicat Btrcswgfch, aud